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I’m Kirsty – Bali expat, surfer, outdoor loving adventure mum and sarcastic storyteller. This little corner of the internet is where I share all of my adventures trying to tire out my two kids exploring our island home. You’ll find everything from ideas for outdoor adventures in Bali with kids to expat hints and tips and insider local knowledge, based on my experience living in Bali.

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I’m originally from the west of Scotland but home is the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. I’m a stay at home mum that’s always been incapable of staying at home! With Hardin working, I’m home alone a lot with the kids (and our beautiful, but batshit crazy golden retriever, Marley) and getting outside is what keeps me sane. They can’t bounce off the walls when there are no walls! I was raised with the outdoors and my whole life has been lived exploring and adventuring in the natural world – walking, hiking, climbing – and nowadays I love taking the kids and Marley with me on adventures to explore our new island home…

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My IG account is my family album & journal. The place I share all of our adventures & all the ways I try to tire out my kids and Marley exploring our island home 😉 Plus trips & tips for your own Bali adventures & expat island life – come say hi!

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Get to know Bali through local eyes! Check out our latest blog posts to catch up on all our island adventures. You’ll find everything from ideas of awesome places to get out and explore nature and adventure with kids on the island to hints and tips based on my own honest experiences adventuring here with my own kids. I share my successes and tips but also have a laugh over the failures, all to hopefully inspire you to plan an adventure of your own!

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We moved to Bali when Arlo was 18 months, Eia was 10 weeks old and I still felt vaguely like I’d been kicked in the lady garden by an angry horse 😉 Alot of the time, I figured out most of our new life and language alone with two small kids while my husband, Hardin, worked away. I’ve shared all of my honest experiences and Bali life lessons with good humour in blog posts here. If you’re thinking of moving to Bali or visiting Bali with kids and have any questions about stuff that isn’t covered here, just give me a shout!

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