Hey! I’m Kirsty! If we’re gonna be friends, you should know, I’m a long story long kinda girl, so bear with me…

Bali Expat

I’m originally from the west of Scotland but home is the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia. My husband, Hardin, is Indonesian born and raised, but moved to Scotland in 1998. Seven years later in 2005, we met and quickly began travelling the world together, climbing and backpacking and living in various countries. In 2017, Arlo (the boy) made us parents and in 2019 while I was pregnant with Eia (the girl) we decided to move to Bali. It wasn’t a particularly long conversation. It went a bit like this…

Hardin: “There’s business opportunities for me in Asia. Wanna move to Bali?”

Me: (already pregnant with Eia): “fck yeh I do!”

Meanwhile Hardin organised our new life and home out here and flew back every month to see us in Scotland and be with me for Eia’s birth. He had to leave for a conference in Jakarta when she was 2 weeks old but I waited in Scotland with both kids until Eia had her TB shot and first round of vaccinations and then we made the move in September 2019, when Arlo was 18 months, Eia was just 10 weeks old and I still felt vaguely like I’d been kicked in the lady garden by an angry horse!

Adventure Mama

I’m a stay at home mum that’s always been incapable of staying at home! Since Hardin works away, I’m home alone a lot with the kids (and our beautiful, but batshit crazy golden retriever, Marley) and getting outside is what keeps me sane. They can’t bounce off the walls when there are no walls! I was raised with the outdoors and my whole life has been lived exploring and adventuring in the natural world – walking, hiking, climbing – and nowadays I love taking the kids and Marley with me on adventures to explore our island home while Hardin earns the crust. Also, days spent exhausting ourselves in the heat helps everyone – children, dog and me – sleep better, so there’s that!

We live right on the beach and when I’m not mummying, I’m surfing or doing yoga. I’m your proper Bali expat stereotype! I’m not really a stuff person or excessive toy buying parent – I’m trying to avoid that 21st century parental dick measuring contest 😉 Seeing the world & living out of a backpack with only 20 bucks in our bank account at one point (which led to 6 weeks of back breaking apple picking in New Zealand but that’s another story!) & now living in Indonesia has taught me whats most valuable in my life & it’s how I want the kids to measure life’s and their value too.

So we explore & enjoy nature & the experiences it has to offer for them to grow as little people but also as a close family since it’s just us here! And then I overshare all about our new life adventures here for shits and giggles and hopefully it will inspire other mums around the world to explore with kids, or maybe even inspire budding expats or holidaying families visiting Bali. Life’s adventures don’t have to stop when you become a parent!

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