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Get to know Bali through local eyes! Check out our latest blog posts to catch up on all our island adventures. But bear with me – this page is still a work in progress. I have almost two years worth of adventures to write up but two kids to raise so time alone to write or poop is rare 🙂 Soon you’ll find everything from ideas of awesome places to get out and explore nature and adventure with kids on the island to hints and tips based on my own honest experiences adventuring here with my own kids. In the meantime, lots of our daily adventures are over on the ‘gram!

Leke Leke with kids

“I showed her pictures of Leke Leke. She was sold. I packed snacks and the hiking carrier for Eia and we piled into our cars 30 minutes later.” You pronounce it “Leky Leky“. Just fyi…. We visit aaaaaaalot of waterfalls. By now you should know how much I love getting outside with the kids and…

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Hiking Mount Abang

…300m from the summit was probably NOT the best time for Nikki to drop into the conversation that “this was where I got to last time when the earthquake hit, I had to drop to my belly and then hightail it off the mountain before getting caught in a landslide!” ooooookay then. Good talk. hiking…

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Beji Griya – Hidden Waterfall & Canyon

The other morning I was picking the brain of a friend about hikes off the beaten path suitable for young kids and completely unrelated, she dropped this gem into the conversation. We had nothing planned that afternoon so I chucked the kids in the car and went to look for it…we found it. We also…

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Hi, I’m Kirsty! Mum of 2, hiker, climber & off the beaten path adventurer. Originally from the west of Scotland, home is currently the beautiful tropical island of Bali, Indonesia.

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